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Fall in the air


 @My_Caldron. Quebec: Ile Bizard, Rigaud, Oct. 2014
… and a good music to listen to:

Welcome Summer!

I love the way we, mostly in North American cities, try to make the most of summer by skipping the whole Spring season and calling it “summer” as soon as the temperature raises to  18 C .  After a bitter cold and painfully long winter we have all reasons to rush into summer –especially as the rumor has is we have a short one here in Montreal this year. Well, already boots are out (thanks heaven!) sleeveless out; lots of color out on the streets, shops, gardens, parks, lots of warmth inside and out; And of course a lot of moments to be captured! Have a fun and eventful summer!  (See More Pictures Below!)

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Montreal’s Rayan Fish

Rayan is a one of my favorite fish restaurants of Middle Eastern origin in Montreal.  It is unique in its simplicity though:  You order the fish or any type of seafood from the counter, tell the cook if you want it to be fried, bar be cued, or grilled, and then will be seated in the restaurant section and wait for your food to arrive. Usually the service is very fast.

Now, the location as well as well as the restaurant’s atmosphere is very plain and simple – no fuss, no fancy dishes, no décor, no alcohol beverages. The idea, one should know in advance, is to enjoy a fresh, fast and delicious seafood at a very reasonable price. The range of the food is amazing –  generally, fried everything is more delicious: fried basa, fried calamari are REALLY good.    I also love their grill shrimp (garlic seasoned) and grilled octopus.  Green salad is amazing and fries are always hot, fresh  and so tasty. Read more »

Food Trucks start rolling in Montreal, or do they!?

How do you like buying a plate of salad and smoked meat sausage for $8.00 off a food truck right outside your workplace in downtown?  What if you have to line up for it for an hour or so, and what if the sausage is not made on the spot? Would you still consider it “street food”? The way some of us have come to know taco trucks, pizza trucks, falafel and whoopee pies carts in New York, Seattle, and recently in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary?

Well, sometime in April 2013, Montreal’s Mayor announced that starting this summer, the 66-year ban on street food will be removed, allowing Montrealers to buy food off the street. …

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Montreal Beer Festival

I am sure you have heard and probably attended some of Montreal’s fabulous summer festivals: Jazz Fest, Just For Laugh, Les FrancoFolies, Gay Parade, etc. But did you know about Montreal’s Beer Festival?

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The People’s Potato, ConU

The People’s Potato is a student initiated grassroots project, and a vegan kitchen at Montreal’s Concordia University, Sir George Williams Building.  It serves “free” food to about 400 students daily and relies heavily on volunteers labor and every body’s’ good will.♥

The project was started in 1999 by a group of students dedicated to social and environmental justice and conscious of student poverty. Fifteen years into its inception, the kitchen is now operating during the fall and winter semesters all the day of the week, offering students and community members meals by donation; the project and the food is funded be a levy in (undergrad) student registration fees.

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Montreal’s ’98 Ice Storm, through his eyes


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Smoked meat @ Montreal Schwartz

If you find yourself in downtown Montreal, passing through St. Laurent in Plateau area, make sure you’re hungry. Because right there is located Canada’s oldest Deli, the world famous Schwartz’s, offering the classic, Hebrew tradition smoked meat. And it is offering plenty of it in one single sandwich! You simply cannot miss the deli, as no what matter what time of the year, there is always a lineup in front of it. If you are willing to settle for a take out, you would be waiting less, but having the meal inside the tiny, crowded space is a part of the tradition if you ask me. Also my advise: Go for full or medium-fat smoked meat, the light one just doesn’t taste as rich; you’re not going to have it every single day of the week, so it couldn’t hurt that much!  The fries aren’t great, but don’t miss its pickles. They are huge, but heavenly.  The pictures below, say “some” of it all!

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Apple picking, a fall tradition

Starting from Mid August all the way to the end of October, just as you feel the warm weather is giving way to a fresh cool one, when the sky is more blue than ever and when you see the leaves go crazy with colors, as if the tree is set on fire, that’s when you know there is time to go for an apple picking trip anywhere in the province of Quebec.

There are several locations in and around the Island of Montreal with huge orchards, where you could do your apple picking and have a great time doing so. The admission is always free, and apple varieties, including McIntosh, Empire, Melba, Lobo, very affordable.  Most locations have cozy little apple-products stores, with the aroma of freshly baked apple pies and apple breads mixed with cinnamon wafting through the entire area. Of all apple products, such as vinegar, honey, candies, caramel, I absolutely love warm apple cedar (unfiltered apple juice), maybe because it is so seasonal during fall. Tractor ride and farm tour, picnic tables, makeshift playgrounds and small barns with farm animals are among the attractions too.  Well, I guess, I said all you could not figure from the pictures. The location we went to was on Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Oka, Northwest of the Island of Montreal. We picked and bought our apples from Les Vergers Lafrance. See the gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous day below:

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15 pictures, 15 thousand words, ONE Montreal!

On the occasion of change of season, Viva Montreal!







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