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Koofteh: Stuffed meatballs with fried zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Meatballs or koofteh, come in different size, composition, tastes and uses in Persian cuisine. The one I am about to describe is some sort of melange invented by me to meet the needs of, well…. hopefully, more than only myself!

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Fried fish fillets, Southern Iran style

If you are a fish lover, try this method of pan frying fish fillet. It is a very simple and savoury way particularly popular in Iranian southern cities with Halva Fish. You could use Flounder or any other type of fish fillet with white meat and tender yet firm texture. I sometimes use Haddok and cod, this time though I am using Sole.

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Green Pasta: Cooking with unripe tomato

My garden is frozen already, but not my green tomatoes. Last year around the same time I picked my green tomatoes and benefiting from my blog reader’s comment, I successfully forced them in to ripening ! Here is how

This year though I learned green unripe tomato could be used in a long list of delicious foods – from vegetarian stews, to chutney to green spaghetti. Here is a list of 20 recipes.

I did try some of them and LOVED this one: Spaghetti Con Pomodori Verdi   I replaced Arugula with spinach and omitted basil. And it looked and tasted wonderful – rich, refreshing, and a lot of fun! The dish in the pic is my own creation 😉

What is your favorite green tomatoes recipe?


Fried fish & cranberries

This colorful fish dish is improvised by my sister and besides tasting deliciously sour, helps lift your spirit, especially when accompanied by spinach-avocado-grapefruit salad (see picture below).

Ingredients (serving 2): Tilapia or Haddock, 4 fillets.  Onion, 2 white medium, thinly sliced.  Cranberries, (frozen or fresh ), 1 cup.  Turmeric, 2 tbsp.  Salt and oil.

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Chicken & Rapini

Rapini,  as you know, has a “bitter-ish” taste to it, which could be reduced but rarely completely eliminated. If you like that offensive yet pleasant and interesting taste, here is one recipe (among so many) to go with chicken.

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Shrimp, Thai with coconut

I recently learned and tried this bright, tasty and easy Thai recipe and I absolutely loved it. All you have to do is to purchase the ingredients, the preparation takes no time.

Ingredients: Defrosted shrimp, half a kilo, peeled and deveined. Green onions, 4, chopped, white and green parts separated. Thai red curry paste, 1 tbsp. Garlic, 2 cloves, minced. Sugar snap peas, 10-12, strings removed. Coconut milk, 1/2 cup. Fish sauce, 2 tbsp.  Fresh cilantro, 1 tbsp. chopped. Vegetable oil, 1 tbsp.

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Chicken & Herbes de Provence

I first came across herbes de Provence when I was visiting Frankfurt on my way back from Paris.   A friend had asked me to buy her a small container of this heavenly smelling spice and I had forgotten, but luckily found it right on a supermarket shelf in Frankfurt – and that’s actually when the request hit me!!

I find the delicate taste and aroma of this herb quite refreshing and amazing in a sense that it transforms your usual dish into a quite novel one.   Here is how I used it with fried/oven-baked chicken.

Ingredients (for 4): one fresh chicken consisting of 2 breast’s filet, and 2 legs, cut, washed and dried. Olive oil, 3 tbsp. Onion, 1 large, thinly sliced. Saffron, ¼ of teaspoon.  Fresh lime juice, 1 tbsp.  Herbes de Provence, ½ teaspoon.  Bell peppers, few slices. Salt and pepper, to taste.

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Meatballs & oven-baked fall vegetables

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada you know, and for a couple of weeks now we have had lots of cranberries and all sort of squash in our vegetable markets, winking fall and a promise of colorful dishes. Here is the result of my inspiration.

Ingredients: (serving 3): Ground beef or veal 400 gr. Onion, 1 medium, grated. Potatoes, 2 medium, sliced (for fries). Tomatoes, 2 medium, chopped. Turmeric, ½ tea spoon. Chickpea flour, ½ tbsp. Olive oil, 3-4 tbsp. Salt and powdered black pepper, to taste. V8 (or any vegetable juice mix), half a cup. Chopped parsley, 1 tbsp. Side vegetables: I used fresh patty pan squash, cranberries, and asparagus. Use what is in season and what you fancy most.

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Kashk-bademjaan, exquisite style!

Back in Shiraz, when I was much younger, whenever we had a visitor who my mom wanted to impress, she would take over in the kitchen and make one of her mouth-watering and visually artistic dishes. Kashk-bademjoon (made of eggplants and Iranian whey) with ground meat on the side was one of those memorable dishes. Remember Aash-e reshteh (“noodle-soup”)? Well, this dish shares some of major and unique ingredients with the aash, namely kashk, and fried mint, and crispy onion and garlic for garnish. If you don’t know what kashk is, please visit that post anyway to find out!

Ingredients: (serving 4) Eggplants, 4 medium, peeled and sliced in 3-4 pieces length wise. Ground veal or beef, 400 gr. Onion, 2 medium, thinly sliced. Garlic, 2 cloves, mashed, or very finely chopped. Kashk, hard liquid form, 1 tbsp. Turmeric, ½  teaspoon.  Salt and powdered black pepper, to taste.  Oil, lots of it! (see “variation” for a less greasy dish)  Note: This dish is traditionally made without meat. For Garnish: Onion, 2 medium, super thinly sliced. Garlic, 4 cloves, finely sliced. Walnuts, 2 tbsp. chopped. Dried mint leaves, 1tbsp. Kashk, hard liquid form, 2 tbsp.  Oil.

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Macaroni mix, Iranian Style

In Iran the most common type of pasta dish is made by steam-cooking macaroni, mixed with a thick meaty sauce. The method is basically the same as cooking mixed rice, or polow.  Back in Shiraz, my mom, my sisters, and later myself used to make “macaroni” at least once a week for dinner, and I used to love it.  For some reason, thought, I quite cooking it once I learned to cook pasta varieties served with sauce on the side.  Just a couple of nights ago, I made a nostalgic “trip” and cooked Iranian style macaroni after what seems like ages!  It turned so good that I thought it is worth sharing.

Ingredients (serves 3-4): Ground beef or veal, 300 grams. Macaroni pasta, or any type of medium to thick hollow noodles, 300 gr. Onion, 1 medium , thinly sliced. Tomato paste, ½ small can (4-5 tbsp.), dissolved in twice as much lukewarm water.  Turmeric, 2 tea spoons.  Olive oil, 4 tbsp.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Water.  Optional: chopped parsley, 1 tbsp.  Chopped bell pepper, 1 tbsp.  Potato, 1 large, peeled, washed, and sliced in round shape for tahdig (bottom-of-the-pot).

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