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STREET FOODSTehran: the city of hospitality, diversity and mouth watering  Seven minute walk and in Tehran streets, with a lot of delicious and nutritious foods, from barbecue liver, to aash e reshteh (noodle soup)

Saffron: Harvesting the red gold of southern Khorasaan, Iran  zafran (PowerPoint Presentation)

 In Tehran, the Best Part of Waking Up: A Sheep’s Head on Your Plate, (Journal article) Hassan Najjar readies a traditional Iranian breakfast, a soup of sheep’s head, hooves and brains called kaleh pache. (ByThomas Erdbrink, Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, March 13, 2009

Distillation of rosewater  in Kerman, Iran:  A photo-report

Iranian Food Travel Documentary [Part 1] (Shiraz, Persian Gulf)

When an artist makes pizza!  By: Mehrab Moghadasian

Food Safari in Kermanshah

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  1. merci az honarmanditon?chetor mitonam dar tamas basham bahaton?

  2. Katarzyna krupecka

    Love your book and love your food .make me feel like I know you.Thank you so much

  3. Never been to Iran, but looking at the pics and the food, I might do. Fantastic. 🙂

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