Sour-Cherries mixed rice (albaloo polow), An alternative

An end-of-summer favorite, sour cherries mixed rice is among the long list of Iranian polow that is, plain rice layered with cooked or fried grains and herbs, vegetables, prunes or fruits. Sour cherries rice tastes- well, obviously, sweet-sour, it is dark-red in color, and is often served in large gathering either along with fried chicken on the side or with meat balls in the dish. Most importantly, just around this time of the year in Iran, an authentic albaloo polow is made with fresh, hand-pitted and home-processed sour-cherries.

Having been deprived of fresh sour cherries here in Montreal, I had been only dreaming about the good old days albaloo polow for the past couple of decades. I did embark on making this delicious dish with frozen and canned sour cherries more than once, but failed miserably each time, for the mix turned too mushy for the cherries to be even recognizable in the platter. Read more »

Peach-Yogurt ice cream

Before peach season is over, try this hearty and delicious dessert with fresh peach. I modified the original recipe a bit, and inspired by Iranian ice creams, also added dissolved saffron and silvered pistachio for topping. It turned tasty, pretty and fruity fresh!

Ingredients (serving 2) Read more »

Good nuts, pretty nuts

Walnuts and almonds are so good for your health: they are said to prevent heart disease and lung and prostate cancer and nourish brain cells. Walnuts and almonds also contain healthy calories and healthy fats. In fact, those who incorporate these two nuts into their regular diet are said to be less likely to gain weight.

I love walnuts with my tea and feta for breakfast; and I usually use almonds on my salad. My favorite nut dish however, is the one on the picture. Just on its own, as a side dish, appetizer, filler, snack, and with bear as a chaser or “mazeh”. Read more »

Sponge Cake with Strawberry & Cream

This is another tempting recipe I tried from my friend’s blog, Saloomeh’s Kitchen, when I suddenly tumbled over my own cake-baking passion last year! – Sponge Cake layered, cleverly, with strawberry jam and cream. I got it only at the third go, though as it proved to be a delicate cake requiring extra gentle care and attention.

It feels so good to get something you first thought oh-so-hard-for-me, isn’t it!? Plus, this cake has no butter or oil in it which makes you feel less guilty eating it; it is not too sweat which suites my tastes to; it definitely looks so professional, and tastes absolutely awesome, especially if you mix the jam with fresh strawberries. Read more »

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Spinach-plum stew (khoresh aaloo-esfenaaj)

This sweet-sour, aromatic and sophisticated-looking stew is actually among simple Iranian stews, as it requires only a few ingredients and a couple of easy cooking steps.

In this particular method, I use plums instead of more commonly used prune because I prefer sweet-sour over sweet; and I also add saffron at the very end to take away the dark and add to the richness of taste and aroma. Read more »

Hibiscus-Rum Cocktail

Here is a heat-beating, thirst-clenching cocktail inspired by Serious Eat’s recipe, with my own modifications.

I have replaced “simple syrup” with maple syrup and increased the rum portion, as well as “Persianizing” the brewing process; as a result my cocktail has a deeper flavor and thicker body and is still a bit tart and sour-sweet with amazingly refreshing effects! Read more »

Koofteh: Stuffed meatballs with fried zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Meatballs or koofteh, come in different size, composition, tastes and uses in Persian cuisine. The one I am about to describe is some sort of melange invented by me to meet the needs of, well…. hopefully, more than only myself!

Ingredients: (serving 4): Read more »

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Red & Roses

Veal & Vegetable Noodle Dish, Chinese style

There are as many different ways of making Chinese style noodle dishes as there are verities of different noodles, vegetables, meats and their combinations. Whatever the combination though, there are three rules to be applied to come up with nice looking and tasting Chinese noodle dish. 

1. Noodle rule: Always go with high quality Asian (ideally wheat) noodle, such as “Chow Mein” or; they won’t go mushy in the boiling process. Read more »