Frangrant jasmine

Jasmine, this heavenly smelling summer flower is apparently known as “Arabian Jasmine”; we call it razeghi in Persian.  Back home, we had it in our yard -a good majority of people did.  Here in Montreal, I longed for it for such a long time before I received a kindling some 10 years ago. The best gift ever!

For Montreal’s weather (zone 5) this is certainly considered a houseplant, but it could benefit the fresh air, nice warmth and thereby fully flourish for a couple of months from June to August, depending on the weather. I take mine out in a half-sun spot once we have at least 25 Centigrade outside. Soon, it comes to life with glowing green leaves and delightful white buds. I just love the scent of its full grown delicate flowers, and sometimes collect the ones which have fallen off, put them in a saucepan full of water and keep them a bit longer on my dining table. Before bringing the plant in again, I wash it thoroughly and make sure it is pets free, and I also prune in back to a manageable size, as it does grow a lot while enjoying the warm weather.

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