Kookoo Sabzi, herbed omelette

This is the first method I make this dish (second and third will followw in the following months)

Ingredients: Parsley and scallions, chopped (1 big bunch each); cilantro and dill, chopped (1/2 bunch, each); fenugreek, dry or chopped (1 tablespoon); lettuce, chopped (two leave), eggs (5-6); red onion, thinly sliced (1 medium); cooking oil, turmeric, salt and black pepper.

Get into action! Fry onions in a little oil until golden add turmeric and fry one more minute. Add eggs, fried onion, salt and pepper to a large bowl and beat at least 10 minutes or until whitish and foamy. Add all chopped vegetables and beat more until smooth. In a pan, warm oil and pour the contents of the bowl. Cover with a lid, and cook it over medium-low for half an hour, or until the bottom is set. Then carefully flip it to cook the other side for about 15 minutes.

Cut and serve hot or cold with grated cucumber and yogurt or your favourite salad.

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