Ranginak, dates and walnuts dessert

This dessert which always goes with tea, is specific to southern cities of Iran. It is very nice after ghalyeh

Ingredients: 1 kg. Pitted (peeled if skin is too thick); 250 gr. Walnuts; 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour; ½ cup powdered sugar; ½ cup ground cinnamon, about 1 cup of vegetable oil

Method: Place ¼ of a walnut in each date and stand them all very tightly in a serving dish. Add flour in an already warmed pan (without oil) and sauté the flour over medium-high heat. Stir constantly until you get the colour of chocolate milk. Add oil gradually and continue frying and stirring until it transforms into a brownish mixture as thick as yogurt. Spread the mixture all over the dates while it is still very hot. Let it cool a bit (for few minutes). Spread the powdered sugar over the surface. Garnish with cinnamon


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