Hot whisky

Hot whisky made as follows, does wonders relieving the symptoms of common cold , as it is a mixture of pain killing (from cloves), calming (from alcohol), soothing (hot water and honey) and a bit of vitamin C (from lemon) substances.

Ingredients: Any brand of whisky, ¼ cup. Hot water, ¼ cup. Lime or lemon, 1 slice. Cloves, 6-7. Sugar, or honey, 2 tea spoon.

Method: Put sugar or honey in your favourite glass, add whisky, and stir. 2. Rinse a lime or lemon, and take a fairly thick slice from the middle. Make sure you remove the pipes. 3. Stick a clove in each segment of the lemon slice. 4.Gently pour hot water into glass over whisky/sugar mix. Stir well and drop the cloved slice of lemon into the glass. There you go, drink before it gets cold!

Note: You can certainly change the amount of water and whisky (i.e. More whisky if you are used to alcoholic drinks and less if you are not). Also, bear in mind that if  water is boiling hot, it will diminish the calming effect of alcohol, so use a soothing-warm water, but not a too hot one.


6 Comments on “Hot whisky”

  1. Vahid says:

    به خاطر این پست خوب و ترجمه زیباتون تشکر می کنم

  2. مرسی ممنون از مطالب مفید شما…

  3. Babak says:

    بسلامتی! این دفعه jeddan
    Thanks. That was new 2 me. I -generously lol- add dry Jin [Beefeater] to lemon[ed] ginger[ed] honey[ed] smoked tea [Russian Caravan or Lapsang]. works for me…will try yours though..speaking of cloves, once found fresh cloves in Marche’ Jean Talon in Mntrl. You think it is better when it is fresh? Does dried clove really dissolve in the solution that fast? Maybe by alcohol?

    • bootehBeeta says:

      Hey Koroush. Your own recipe sound exciting too! Should try it sometime 🙂 I have not come across or tried fresh cloves so cannot tell if it would work as well for this purpose. I suppose dried cloves are concentrated in whatever health benefit they are supposed to have, hence even better than fresh ones. You know, my grandfather was a dentist (“dandaan saaz”, not “dandaan pezeshk”) and I remember vividly the smell of dried clove in his clinic as he routinely used it as a mild pain killer, sometimes by sticking one inside the drilled out tooth! So, yes, I guess dried cloves do dissolve gradually in various moist environments. They most certainly do in whisky anyway!

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