Separation Wins!

“I want to say something about my people: They are truly peace-loving people” .. ♥

Asghar Farhadi after winning Golden Globe for the best foreign film last night.

A Separation” made by the Iranian film maker Asghar Farhadi wins Best Foreign Language film at 2012 Golden Globe. Watch it here. This recognition comes after several other awards throughout the world including Best Screen Play NBC Los Angeles, and Berlin Festival

The Iranian social media today is filled with joy an pride related to the news, not only for the recognition of the Iranian cinema, and this particular movie but also for Farhadi’s above quoted statement.  Some say “true, it is the separation which won the price – the separation of Iranian people of Iran from their oppressive regime.”

Merci Mr. Farhadi. Merci Iranian Cinema. Merci the peace-loving people of Iran!

One Comment on “Separation Wins!”

  1. mina-sydney says:

    “A Separation is not the work of a constrained artist. It’s a great movie in which the full range of human interaction seems to play itself out before our eyes.

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