Marching with Women of Diverse Origins in Montreal

For the past 11 years, each year on March 8th, the Montreal-based Women of Diverse Origins has been celebrating the International Women’s Day by calling upon women of various ethnic backgrounds, indigenous communities, Trans-Women and all other “minority” women groups. The common goal is to “convey solidarity for feminist struggles of liberation across the world and to celebrate our resistance!”

Tonight about 500 women and men, some with baby carriers marched the streets of downtown Montreal for over an hour, while shouting the slogans, singing with the music, and carrying placards. Unlike last year, which many different groups of Iranian expatriates had attended the march, tonight the only group present with placards and leaflets was the Iranian Women Association of Montreal. Their demands: Free political prisoners, Abolish discriminatory laws against women, No to death penalty NO to war with Iran.  See the two short videos I uploaded on Youtube. Quality is not great, but will give you some ideas of the mood.

Happy International Women’s Day!    



One Comment on “Marching with Women of Diverse Origins in Montreal”

  1. ممنون بوته جان، جالب بود

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