Barbari Bread

Make me very tenderly, and stretch me very long… bake me to the end of love!  Recipe In Persian

I took this recipe from a friend of mine who has in turn taken it from somewhere else but developed it over the years (yes, years!) to the point of perfection. When I first went through his well-organized and gorgeous pictures, I noticed he must be in love with barbari bread or with baking in general, or perhaps just in love! The instructions he gave for treating the dough with tenderness, and forming it with bare hands and fingers, and the evocative descriptions of the bread’s scents and sights were all indications of a very special type of bread and bread making. Well, I tried his recipes a couple of times, before I really came to the conclusion that yes, to bake this barbari in its perfectly original taste and texture, you must absolutely be gentle, caring and patient- you must be truly in love with it! Try it and you will know what I mean.

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