Hot whisky

hotwhiskyHot whisky made as follows, does wonders relieving the symptoms of common cold , as it is a mixture of pain killing (from cloves), calming (from alcohol), soothing (hot water and honey) and a bit of vitamin C (from lemon) substances.

Ingredients: Any brand of whisky, ¼ cup. Hot water, ¼ cup. Lime or lemon, 1 slice. Cloves, 6-7. Sugar, or honey, 2 tea spoon.

Method: Put sugar or honey in your favourite glass, add whisky, and stir. 2. Rinse a lime or lemon, and take a fairly thick slice from the middle. Make sure you remove the pipes. 3. Stick a clove in each segment of the lemon slice. 4.Gently pour hot water into glass over whisky/sugar mix. Stir well and drop the cloved slice of lemon into the glass. There you go, drink before it gets cold! Read the rest of this entry »