Kookoo with potato

kookooghati2 A fast and easy Iranian dish great for supper – at the table, or “for the road”; all my non-Iranian friends love this “Persian pancake”, as they call it. Normally it is made mainly with potatoes, and eggs, but I add other ingredients: For six relatively hungry people, you would need the following: 1 kg regular potatoes; 4 eggs; 1 small onion; 1/2 cup milk; 1/2 cup chopped parsley and chives; pinch of turmeric; salt, powdered black pepper (desired amount), and a lot of cooking oil. NOTE: Some use baking powder to make koo koo tender. I think it adds an unpleasant taste and elastic feel to it though! Milk and onion (or even onion alone) does a wonderful job making it tender and crunchy. Herbs, however, could easily be skipped without damaging the result. It is just a matter of taste and innovation!

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