Cabbage-mixed polow

kalampoloThis is one of the most gorgeous looking and aromatic Persian mixed polows, requiring extra time and effort, but absolutely rewarding when prepared in authentic (Shirazi) way.

Ingredients (serving 4-6): Basmati rice, 4 cups. Ground veal or beef, 1/ kg. Onion, thinly sliced, 3 large. Cabbage, cored and shredded, 1 head (about 1 kg.). Oil — 1/3 cup . Herbs: Basil, and tarragon, one large bunch each, chives and parsley, half a bunch each. All fresh herbs should be chopped and mixed. Kalam polow dried herb mix is also available in Iranian supermarkets and could be used without any problem! Sour grape juice, aab-ghooreh, (or sour orange juice), 2 tbs. 1 tbs of dried powder of sour grape juice could be replace with both of the above noted types of juices. Chickpea flour, ard nokhodchi, 1 tbs. Turmeric, ½ tbs. Salt and black pepper, to taste. (Please don’t use tomato paste!)

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