Dill/beans mixed-polow with fish

shevidpolomaahiI can eat this mix-polow as a complete main dish, but it is very common to have it with fried fish in the southern part of Iran. It might also be served with large chunks of boiled or baked beef or even fried and steam-cooked chicken.

Ingredients (serving 3): Rice, 2 cups. Black eye beans, 1 cup. Dill, 1 bunch washed and chopped + 2. tbsp. dried dill (combination of fresh and dried herbs works best, but you can also use one or the other). Cooking oil. Salt. Saffron, 1 tea spoon. For fish: a few pieces of fillets from any type of fish you like: preferably white meat not red meat such as Salmon. White flour and turmeric, 1 tbsp. Each. Oil and salt. (see below for method)

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