Lentil-rice mix

lentilriceThis is another popular and hearty “mixed polow” usually served with fried or roasted chicken (or ground beef) and considered a casual and convenient dish. Well, I make it in a quite presentable (read fancy) way, without any kind of. Even before I realized how protein rich and nutritious lentil was, I always thought the dish is a perfect vegetarian meal and found it quite hearty on its own. So, my version of “adas polow” is meatless yet simply fancy!

Ingredients (serving 4): Rice, 3 cups. Green lentil” 1 ½ . Onion, 1 big, thinly sliced. Dried seedless raisin ½ cup, washed and dried. Oil: 4-5 tbsp. Turmeric, ¼ tbsp. Ground saffron, 2 teaspoon (1 soaked in 1 tbsp. of hot water for half an hour) salt, pepper and water as needed.

Method: 1. Pick over the lentil, wash and cook in a small pot over medium heat with fresh water and pinch of salt until done but not too soft – this is a key factor: you don’t want mushy lentils. Adjust the cooking time and water so at the end of the cooking process you would not have too much water left. However, if you do get some left, simply drain your lentil, set aside, and keep the water for cooking your rice. 

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