Fried breaded breast chicken and vegetables

breadedbreastIngredients (two servings): Skinless, boneless chicken breast, half, cut in a few large pieces, washed and patted dry. Potatoes, 2 medium (leave skin on). Tomatoes, 2 medium. Spinach, 3-4 leaves. Bread crumbs of your choice, 4 tbsp. Olive oil, 3 tbsp.  For dressing : Onion, 1, cut in small cubes. Lime juice, 1 tbsp. Salt and pepper, a pinch each. Olive oil, 1 tbsp.

Method: Mix the dressing’s ingredients and marinate chicken breast in it for 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, using a small pot cover the potatoes with cold water and boil for 15 minutes or until half cooked. Toss out water and set aside,

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