Tasty Porcupine

Ingredients: A large plump grapefruit (or any citrus fruit larger than that). Cubed cheddar cheese (or any hard cheese of your choice). 300 gr. Pitted green and black olives; cherry tomatoes, large, table grapes (red, or green), one cup each. Wooden toothpick (about 40).

Method: Use a knife to peel the grapefruit as you would an orange, removing off only the outer layer. Cut the bottom off so the fruit sits on a flat surface. Place three pieces (from your fruit choices) onto each toothpick . Play around with taste and colors, but I suggest using one cheese cube in each toothpick. Starting from the top head of the grapefruit stick loaded toothpicks in to the fruit. Do it in circles and repeat till you cover the whole grapefruit. Cover in a plastic bag (to prevent cheese from going dry) and leave it in a cool place for about an hour before putting the beast on the table. During this period toothpicks absorb some of the grapefruit’s juice and become tasty too. Nice as snack and appetizer.