aabgooshtAab-ghoosht, the most traditional Iranian “soup”, for the lack of a better word, is a rich spicy stew of meat and beans and pretty easy to cook

Ingredients (serving five): 500 gr. cut and washed lamb or veal, and some bones. 1 cup chick peas.1 cup red kidney beans . 3-4 medium potatoes (skinned and cut in two). 1 large onion (sliced). 2 glasses V8 , 3 dried lime (limo amaani). 1tbs turmeric. salt and pepper

Recipe: 1. Soak the beans overnight. Discard the water and cook with fresh water and a pinch of salt until almost done. Soaking helps speed up the cooking process; more importantly, it diminishes the troublesome consequences of eating gas-producing beans! If soaking is not a possibility, bring the water to a boil and discard at least once before letting the beans cook. It would do the same trick.

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