Food Links

Tehran: the city of hospitality, diversity and mouth watering STREET FOODS. Seven minute walk and in Tehran streets, with a lot of delicious and nutritious foods, from barbecue liver, to aash e reshteh (noodle soup)/ چه آش رشته ای و چه نانهای خو شمزه ای

Saffron: Harvesting the red gold of southern Khorasaan, Iran برداشت طلای سرخ خراسان جنوبی

(PowerPoint Presentation)


Journal article. In Tehran, the Best Part of Waking Up: A Sheep’s Head on Your Plate, Hassan Najjar readies a traditional Iranian breakfast, a soup of sheep’s head, hooves and brains called kaleh pache. (ByThomas Erdbrink, Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, March 13, 2009


Distillation of rosewater  in Kerman, Iran:  A photo-report

برداشت گٔل محمدی از ۴۰۰هکتار گلزار در منطقه لاله زار کرمان. گزارش تصویری

When an artist makes pizza!

By: Mehrab Moghadasian

پیتزا ی ساخت یک عکاس و موزیسین! ایرانی‌ تبار و ساکن تورنتو

MY FAVORITE FOOD BLOGS:    Turmeric & Saffron آشپزی با الی

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