Verjuice, home grown and made

After many years, this year with help of my sister we picked unripe grapes from my back garden and made verjuice – a taste all too familiar in Persian cuisine. See here for examples of its uses. The slide show below shows all the stages involved except a few very important ones:

  1. Unripe grapes must be separated from branches and washed thoroughly before passed through fruit juicer.
  2. You should add ½ tbsp. salt to each 750 ml bottle of verjuice before storing them.
  3. And most important of all beware that the pulp of this fruit could cause skin allergy. Wear long plastic gloves to be safe just in case.

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3 Comments on “Verjuice, home grown and made”

  1. I can’t wait to make this! I have been using the bottled kind from the supermarket as I’m learning to cook Persian food and thought it must be a thing like doogh that Americans just don’t like. Yuck! But then I had some fresh from Iran and it is so good! I thought I would never have it again. Thank you for posting this. I found the grapes on kalamala website and will try shipping them to Texas.

    • bootehBeeta says:

      Hi! I am sorry for such a long delay in getting back to you. I had sort of abandoned my blog for the past year!! But I am back and try to post once in while. Thanks so much for visiting here (and on Instagram). Keep well and enjoy your verjuice which I know you finally extracted!

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