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The much needed winter blooms!

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“Cactus boots”!  Rome Summer 2018

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Summer Solstice, sunset in “lac des Deux Montagnes”, at 8:47

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Red & Roses


At the end of the Norooz festivities, on the 13th day of Spring, or sizdah-bedar, literally ‘thirteen to out’, Iranians, by tradition, go outdoors for a family picnic to play games, dance, ramp around and, of course, eat.  Lettuce and “sekanjehbin”, a heavenly tasting syrup made of vinegar and honey, is among the popular food item for this day. Other foods of the day include noodle soup, and broad-bean mixed rice, layered with large cubes of lamb or beef.

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Above the Clouds

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Another fall, another vase, before storing Dahlias tubers.