Moment Photography32

Street musicians working from home! Lisbon

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The much needed winter blooms!

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“Cactus boots”!  Rome Summer 2018

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Summer Solstice, sunset in “lac des Deux Montagnes”, at 8:47

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Red & Roses


At the end of the Norooz festivities, on the 13th day of Spring, or sizdah-bedar, literally ‘thirteen to out’, Iranians, by tradition, go outdoors for a family picnic to play games, dance, ramp around and, of course, eat.  Lettuce and “sekanjehbin”, a heavenly tasting syrup made of vinegar and honey, is among the popular food item for this day. Other foods of the day include noodle soup, and broad-bean mixed rice, layered with large cubes of lamb or beef.

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Above the Clouds

Vase Ideas8

Another fall, another vase, before storing Dahlias tubers.

Vase Ideas7

Mints stems stay fresh in vase for at least 48 hours and add lively smell to my kitchen. I love the smell and the site of it, especially in my new gorgeous vase – a gift from a dear friend, made by hand in Mashhad, Iran.


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Bowl of Pistachio