Sum of Summer in My Garden

Moment Photography30

Summer Solstice, sunset in “lac des Deux Montagnes”, at 8:47

Welcome Summer!

I love the way we, mostly in North American cities, try to make the most of summer by skipping the whole Spring season and calling it “summer” as soon as the temperature raises to  18 C .  After a bitter cold and painfully long winter we have all reasons to rush into summer –especially as the rumor has is we have a short one here in Montreal this year. Well, already boots are out (thanks heaven!) sleeveless out; lots of color out on the streets, shops, gardens, parks, lots of warmth inside and out; And of course a lot of moments to be captured! Have a fun and eventful summer!  (See More Pictures Below!)

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Food Trucks start rolling in Montreal, or do they!?

How do you like buying a plate of salad and smoked meat sausage for $8.00 off a food truck right outside your workplace in downtown?  What if you have to line up for it for an hour or so, and what if the sausage is not made on the spot? Would you still consider it “street food”? The way some of us have come to know taco trucks, pizza trucks, falafel and whoopee pies carts in New York, Seattle, and recently in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary?

Well, sometime in April 2013, Montreal’s Mayor announced that starting this summer, the 66-year ban on street food will be removed, allowing Montrealers to buy food off the street. …

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Montreal Beer Festival

I am sure you have heard and probably attended some of Montreal’s fabulous summer festivals: Jazz Fest, Just For Laugh, Les FrancoFolies, Gay Parade, etc. But did you know about Montreal’s Beer Festival?

Montreal Beer Fest, held since 1994, from 29 May to 02 June at “Palais de congress”, starts off the summer and its many colorful festivals.  I went to it last weekend (for the first time) and found it quite different and interesting: Not much of “festivity” (i.e. music, dance) surrounds this event; but a LOT of good beers and ciders are there to taste, with a variety of snacks and appetizers: Read the rest of this entry »

15 pictures, 15 thousand words, ONE Montreal!

On the occasion of change of season, Viva Montreal!

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The garlic festival at marché Ste. Anne

Ste. Anne market is the best place to be on Saturdays if you find yourself in West Island, Montreal anytime between 10 am to 2 pm.  The market is located by the Saint Anne-de-Bellevue Canal, where a row of heavenly-smelling restaurants with their balconies open to the St. Laurent River and the passing boats is always filled with visitors even when there is no market to attend. Read the rest of this entry »

Tamtams, every Sunday – rain or shine!

Here I have more about Montreal’s Tam Tam Festival and see pictures I took one Sunday last year. And right here, pictures of today’s Tam Tam under rain 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Free fun, fantastic food at Montreal’s ‘Just for Laughs’ Festival

Montreal’s “juste pour rire” Festivals is the “biggest and best comedy festival in the world” and it is one of the summer events among many that gives people all the more reason to get out and enjoy the warm weather: indoor and outdoor free shows, live music, and beer all on enclosed streets packed with wanderers of all ages and colors.

For 2012, which marks the festival’s 30th anniversary, taking place in the Quartier des Spectacles, in downtown Montreal, from July 12 to 29, a food venue is arranged called “souk”, making the event tastier than ever before! Here is my photo report of the souk opening on July 14. Here is a good article about this year “foodie” part of the event. But first, see my report of it:)

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Moment photography23

Red wing by St. Lawrence River, Montreal