Dried fruit in the making

Here is my new Winter hobby, an amazingly fun and tasty discovery: buying certain types of seasonal fruits, slicing them and drying them with the help of “Fruit Dehydrators”.  You would be surprised how rewarding the result is, as you come up with a mound of inexpensive & healthy delicacy snack.  Before sharing my tips for drying fruits, let’s look at some of the nutritional facts brought up in Globe and Mail article 

“Many people think that dried fruit is loaded with calories because it’s high in sugar. Neither is true. Because drying fruit removes its water content, the portion size shrinks by about three-quarters. If you dehydrate one cup of fresh apricots, you’ll get 1/4 cup of dried apricots. (1/4 cup of dried fruit is considered one food-guide serving of fruit.)

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