Three Vegetarian Blender Soups for Fall & Winter

Loving Fall-color vegetables? Feeling cozy with the promise of snow in the air and the desire of a steaming potage to go with it? Well then, let us get started with some inspirations (and instructions) for some hearty, easy, spicy blended thick soups. Remember, you could absolutely use your intuitions and creativity with the types and amount of vegetables and seasoning. Here is my take though.

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Creamy, crusty French tomato soup

Have you ever searched the words “Tomato soup” in the internet? The variation is amazing, isn’t it?

Well, I was looking for a particular type – the creamy type with a crust on top, and came up with California-based Bistro Jentil’s  world’s famous tomato soup. Chef Jason Hill has been kind enough to explain the details of this recipe in a video.  And I did as he (and the recipe) said, except for replacing butter, reducing cream and simplifying it a little bit. The result was absolutely amazing, both the look and the taste. And my pictures are the proof I hope! Making this VERY French soup is not complicated at all, although it does involves several steps over two days (in my experience) for the best result.   Read the rest of this entry »

Hot Borscht for Cold Nights

Among heartwarming foods, this beef/beet based borscht, is adapted from a Persian cook book and is known as “Russian Style”. I only cook it during very cold winter nights; that would be anywhere colder than -10C. And believe you me, the dish turns so delicious, in those nights I wish we had an even longer winter in Montreal!

Ingredients (serving 4): Beef’s bone broth,  ½  liter (Home-made, strongly recommended). Beef shank (or muscle cuts, whichever you prefer), 300 gr., trimmed, washed and chopped. Onion, 1 medium, peeled and chopped.  Garlic, 2 cloves, peeled and mashed. Cabbage, 300 gr. , sliced.  Beets, 300 gr., peeled and chopped. Beet leaves, ½ cup, chopped. Tomatoes, 4 medium, peeled and chopped.  Fresh dill, ½ cup.  Mix of Sour cream, and yogurt 1 cup.  Red vinegar, 1 tbsp.  Oil or butter, 1 tbsp.  Salt and pepper as required.

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Lentil soup and meat, blended

Remember I mention how healthy lentil is and how much use we have for lentil in Persian cuisine? Here!  Well, with the fall already settled in, this delicious and nutritious lentil soup is all I felt having this weekend.  I know lentil vegetable soup is probably one of the most diverse soup verities, yet this blended version with meat broth is different in many ways. You’ll see what I mean.

Ingredients:  Veal, or beef, 150 gr. defatted.  Bone, 1 medium.  Brown lentil, 200 gr. Onion, 1 large, thinly sliced. Turmeric, ½ tea spoon. salt and black powder pepper, to taste. Water, 1 ½ liters. Oil, 1 tbsp.  Whipping cream, 2 tbsp. Chopped parsley, 2 tbsp.

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Fennel/noodle soup

There is this Vietnamese restaurant in or neighbourhood called “Chez Lien”. It offers a great variety of seafood, chicken, meat, vegetarian dishes, and the service is fast and hassle free.  Then it has this heavenly tasting and smelling soup they call “home-made soup”.  I love it so much that in certain cold, tired evenings I actually dream about having a nice, hot bowl brought to my door.  Well, a more practical way of course is making it at my own kitchen.  And believe me, I have tried this soup enough at Chez Lien to be able to produce a certified copy!  If you like thin tasty and extremely fast and easy soup, try this:

Ingredients: Chicken broth (homemade), 3 cups.  Instant noodle, 1 bag (less than 100 gr.), Portabella mushroom, 2, diced.  Small fennel bulb, 1. Scallions, 2, thinly cut crosswise. Salt, powdered black pepper to taste (I like it spicy hot). Lime juice, ½ tbsp. Read the rest of this entry »

Miracle soup for the cold

miraclesoupThis is my magic recipe for common cold, flu and general malady, although I do make this soup occasionally just for the fun of it. To the testimony of a host of my friends and relatives who had passed by when they had not been feeling well, this soup does wonders knocking off the cold, especially if you take it with another anti-cold remedy of mine Hot Whisky!

Ingredients: (5 serving). Half a chicken (bone in, skinless), cleaned and washed. Onion, 1 medium, thickly sliced lengthwise. Lentil and red beans ½ cup each. Split beans and rice, ¼ cup each (All washed and drained). Turnips, and pumpkins, skinned, seeded (for pumpkin), and cubed, two cups each. Fresh coriander and spinach, chopped, 2 cups each. Turmeric ¼ tbsp. Lime juice, 1 tbsp. Salt and black pepper to taste.

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Everything about Aash-e reshteh

Aash-e reshteh, conveniently, if not accurately translated as ‘noodle soup’, is known to all Iranians inside and outside the country despite looking and tasting quite unfamiliar when produced by a bevy of different cooks. It is so popular that it’s not only made routinely as a family meal, it has also been chosen as the aash to mark more than one special occasion. One would spend a whole day preparing, cooking and distributing aash-e reshteh to ‘send-off’ a family member on a long or important trip. Traditionally, aash-e reshteh is also made and served at a chaharshanbeh soori get-together–the festivity held on the eve of the last Wednesday before the Persian New Year. Nowadays, many Iranian cities have seen aash-e reshteh travel from the home to the street corner, joining the long list of popular street foods served through window slots in disposable bowls.

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