“Kotlet, the greasy companion”

[This post contains excerpts from my culinary memoir]

Kotlet, an Iranian version of  cutlet, is a perfect candidate for supper which also falls somewhere between an elaborate, home-made food and a delicious fast food for people of all walks of life, and is-always linked to community, intimacy and fun. It is the food one always chooses as a companion to a family picnic, as an on-the-road meal, and the food of choice on back-breaking days (Pizza just would not measure up!) Indeed kotlet has a great cultural significance- in my eyes anyway.

Ingredients: Ground beef, half kg. Potatoes, 5 medium to large, boiled and grated. Eggs, 2 small or 1 large. Onion, 1 medium, grated.  Turmeric, ½ tea spoon. All-purpose flour OR bread-crumb, as coating. 3 tbs. Salt and powdered black pepper to taste, and LOTS of oil! Note: The proportion of ground meat to boiled potatoes is not fixed, although the standard is to have slightly more meat than potatoes in the mix. More meat makes the kotlet a bit more difficult to handle during the frying process, but results in a crispier final product (not necessarily more delicious though)

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