Fennel/noodle soup

There is this Vietnamese restaurant in or neighbourhood called “Chez Lien”. It offers a great variety of seafood, chicken, meat, vegetarian dishes, and the service is fast and hassle free.  Then it has this heavenly tasting and smelling soup they call “home-made soup”.  I love it so much that in certain cold, tired evenings I actually dream about having a nice, hot bowl brought to my door.  Well, a more practical way of course is making it at my own kitchen.  And believe me, I have tried this soup enough at Chez Lien to be able to produce a certified copy!  If you like thin tasty and extremely fast and easy soup, try this:

Ingredients: Chicken broth (homemade), 3 cups.  Instant noodle, 1 bag (less than 100 gr.), Portabella mushroom, 2, diced.  Small fennel bulb, 1. Scallions, 2, thinly cut crosswise. Salt, powdered black pepper to taste (I like it spicy hot). Lime juice, ½ tbsp. Read the rest of this entry »