Introducing “Fizzy Sauce”

Occasionally, I “e-meet” people – mostly my blog’s followers – who seem to love cooking even more than I do. Some are quite creative and inspirational and kind enough enough to share with me their recipes. Here is an example at hand.  This sauce goes very well with Iranian Kabab koobideh, I know the traditional way of barbecuing and eating it is so hard to diverge from; but if you’re game for experiments and new joys, here is an easy way of going about it:

Ingredients: Strained yogurt (also called Greek yogurt) or Lebanese “Leban”, 5 tbsp.  Powdered saffron, ¼ teaspoon dissolved in 1 teaspoon of lukewarm water. Salt, 1 teaspoon. Powdered black pepper, about ½ teaspoon. Dried mint, 1 teaspoon. Fresh mint, 2 leaves, finely chopped. Fresh lime juice, 2 teaspoon.

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Marinate ideas for charcoal-grilling everything

In my blog entry, “joojeh kebab on charcoal barbecue”,  I wrote about how we turned our old gas burning barbecue to into a wood-charcoal one, enjoying the marvelous taste of smell of this type of making “kebab”. Made in the same still are: hamburger, kebab koobideh, and kebad barg:

Well, summer is almost here and the hunger to fire the thing up is felt. Here are a few marinate ideas – whether grilled, or skewered and whether it is meat, or vegetables.

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Hamburger on charcoal barbecue

Iranian style hamburger has grated onion mixed with the ground meat, which IMO makes it a whole lot tastier:)

Ingredients: (serving 2): Ground veal or beef, 600 grams.  Onion, 1 large, coarsely grated. Oil, ½ tbsp. Salt and black powder pepper to taste. Hamburger buns, 4.  Dressing of your choice (ex. tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, onions, ketchup, mayonnaise) Note: Have some vegetables or corn handy to grill as well, so as to make the most out of your barbeque session. This time, I grilled zucchinis and made mixed quinoa for supper.

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Kebab koobideh

koobidehKebab Koobideh is probably the most renowned Iranian dish and certainly one of the most popular ones both on tables and in Persian cooking sites. Like kebab barg, koobideh is a restaurant dish; however it is more commonly made at home. Why? I really don’t know because to me barg is less tricky and more difficult to spoil. Ok, let’s get started and I’ll explain what I mean:

Ingredients: (serving 2-3):  Fresh ground beef or veal, 450 grams (never use defrosted meat). Onion, 1 small to medium, grated. Salt, ½ tbsp. Saffron and black pepper a pinch each. Tomatoes, 4 medium.

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Kebab barg

As a rule, kebab barg is served in restaurants (inside and outside Iran), yet I have figured out how to prepare and barbeque it at home and promise it tastes just as tender and delicious

Buy a whole tenderloin (filet mignon), and after cleaning it up briefly slice it in cross-sections. The width of each slice should be almost equal to the width of barg kebab, or twice the width of skewer.Each sliced piece of meat now forms a chubby cylinder which must be made into a long strip. The first set of pictures shows how I use knife to “unroll” the meat (pretty much like unrolling a roulette) into a 20-millimetre thick strip

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Joojeh kebab on charcoal barbecue


Last year we turned our old gas burning barbecue into a charcoal one, in an attempt to recover some of our nostalgic memories of delicious Iranian style kabaabs made on charcoal burning braziers. It was an extremely successful operation with rewarding results! Blessed by a covered carport, which we use as a kind of porch, we now indulge in grilled everything throughout the year. It might not smell “seasonal” to send wafts of grilled chicken or mouth watering skewer meat kebab in minus 30 degrees out in the snow-covered neighbourhood, but

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