Marinate ideas for charcoal-grilling everything

In my blog entry, “joojeh kebab on charcoal barbecue”,  I wrote about how we turned our old gas burning barbecue to into a wood-charcoal one, enjoying the marvelous taste of smell of this type of making “kebab”. Made in the same still are: hamburger, kebab koobideh, and kebad barg:

Well, summer is almost here and the hunger to fire the thing up is felt. Here are a few marinate ideas – whether grilled, or skewered and whether it is meat, or vegetables.

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Joojeh kebab on charcoal barbecue


Last year we turned our old gas burning barbecue into a charcoal one, in an attempt to recover some of our nostalgic memories of delicious Iranian style kabaabs made on charcoal burning braziers. It was an extremely successful operation with rewarding results!

Blessed by a covered carport, which we use as a kind of porch, we now indulge in grilled everything throughout the year. It might not smell “seasonal” to send wafts of grilled chicken or mouth watering skewer meat kebab in minus 30 degrees out in the snow-covered neighbourhood, but

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