Marinate ideas for charcoal-grilling everything

In my blog entry, “joojeh kebab on charcoal barbecue”,  I wrote about how we turned our old gas burning barbecue to into a wood-charcoal one, enjoying the marvelous taste of smell of this type of making “kebab”. Made in the same still are: hamburger, kebab koobideh, and kebad barg:

Well, summer is almost here and the hunger to fire the thing up is felt. Here are a few marinate ideas – whether grilled, or skewered and whether it is meat, or vegetables.

For chicken, use chopped breast fillet or legs. In a bowl, mix yogurt, saffron and chopped onions. Marinate chicken parts or chops for at least 12 hours. Add salt while you are grilling them over the fire.

For kebab chenjeh, using chopped milk veal. After cleaning, washing and chopping the meat, beat them for 2 minutes with the back of large knife. In a bowl mix grated onion, lime juice, olive oil and black pepper powder. Add the meat and mix well, then leave in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Again, add salt while barbecuing.

For Mega-shrimp: After deveining and washing the shrimps, place them in a mixture of chopped garlic, chopped parsley, lime juice, and olive oil  just for 2-3 hours.  Meanwhile place enough wooden sticks in a tall glass of water so the sticks absorb water and will not burn on the fire. Skewer the shrimps and grill till the color changes. Same rule for salt: add while it is being barbecued.

For vegetables: Adding a bit of salt, pepper, olive oil and lime juice to certain types of vegetables intended as side dish is nice. Although for tomatoes which is a loyal companion of all types of Persian kababs, we may sprinkle only salt.

Picture of shrimp wood sticks to be added later!

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