Hot Borscht for Cold Nights

Among heartwarming foods, this beef/beet based borscht, is adapted from a Persian cook book and is known as “Russian Style”. I only cook it during very cold winter nights; that would be anywhere colder than -10C. And believe you me, the dish turns so delicious, in those nights I wish we had an even longer winter in Montreal!

Ingredients (serving 4): Beef’s bone broth,  ½  liter (Home-made, strongly recommended). Beef shank (or muscle cuts, whichever you prefer), 300 gr., trimmed, washed and chopped. Onion, 1 medium, peeled and chopped.  Garlic, 2 cloves, peeled and mashed. Cabbage, 300 gr. , sliced.  Beets, 300 gr., peeled and chopped. Beet leaves, ½ cup, chopped. Tomatoes, 4 medium, peeled and chopped.  Fresh dill, ½ cup.  Mix of Sour cream, and yogurt 1 cup.  Red vinegar, 1 tbsp.  Oil or butter, 1 tbsp.  Salt and pepper as required.

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