Beet, apple, carrot juice: Miracle drink, or is it!?

Everybody’s posting and talking about this, so here I am with my own take and though on it:

The mixture of apple, beet and carrot juice is so full of good stuff – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, that is referred to as “miracle juice”, good for maintaining and improving health and preventing common and nasty diseases such as cancer and heart attack.  The way it should be prepared and taken varies slightly according to various sources, but the following instruction seems to be the most recommended: Read the rest of this entry »

Hot Borscht for Cold Nights

Among heartwarming foods, this beef/beet based borscht, is adapted from a Persian cook book and is known as “Russian Style”. I only cook it during very cold winter nights; that would be anywhere colder than -10C.

And believe you me, the dish turns so delicious, in those nights I wish we had an even longer winter in Montreal!

Ingredients (serving 4):

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