Beet, apple, carrot juice: Miracle drink, or is it!?

Everybody’s posting and talking about this, so here I am with my own take and though on it:

The mixture of apple, beet and carrot juice is so full of good stuff – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, that is referred to as “miracle juice”, good for maintaining and improving health and preventing common and nasty diseases such as cancer and heart attack.  The way it should be prepared and taken varies slightly according to various sources, but the following instruction seems to be the most recommended:

Ingredients: Two carrots, one apple and one beet for one glass of juice – ideally, all organic.  Wash them carefully but do not peel. Cut into small pieces and juice in a juicer.

Drink: fresh in the morning about an hour before breakfast – everyday.

Now, what I have to add is that do not take my words for it; nor anyone else’s !! I mean, if you are not used to this extremely nutritious and certainly very unique and delicious tasting drink, do not start by drinking it every day. This is an extremely rich juice which could cause upset stomach, or have potentially dangerous side effects. Just do your homework before starting to taking it regularly and make sure it is good for You too. If it is, then you can indeed call it the miracle drink!



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One Comment on “Beet, apple, carrot juice: Miracle drink, or is it!?”

  1. bednar says:

    Recent information, published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and based, on more than a decades analysis, suggests that fatalities, from factors related to Hypertension, are sadly growing strongly. One perhaps positive area of broader research, suggests the significant role beetroot juice might play, in helping to improved control of blood pressure levels. It might be a life saver for you to be aware of this research and I am very happy to present this information with you.

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