A dreamer, with a crazy drummer for a heart, I am trained as an anthropologist and work between my home office and my kitchen, moderating conference calls on ethics of interviewing, or monitoring resettlement of a refugee family, while stirring a saucepan of eggplant stew over my slow burning stove.  I love writing, although I have lost my words in Farsi, and never fully acquired them in English – just as it has been the case with my old hometown, Shiraz and the new one, Montreal.  This blog is my escape in to the bright moments I am creating here on air,and this is my motivation for doing so.

صدای من: شعر “باور” ازسیاوش  کسرائی همراه با دقایقی از موزیک “سفر به ابدیت” از حافظ ناظری My voice

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