My baby shot me down

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

I was five and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down.

Seasons came and changed the time
When I grew up, I called him mine
He would always laugh and say
“Remember when we used to play?”

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Summer Solstice

[picture taken from the internet]

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

May the light within you last forever!

No particular reason for choosing this song, except I am in love with it 🙂   Koop – Koop Island Blues

Kiosk – “Morteza”

    1. Album: Outcome of Negotiations
    2. Uploaded on Youtube by kioskband on Dec. 2011

Kiosk is one of my favorite Iranian Music bands. This Album/song is not new but I just heard it and like dit a lot, so I transcribed the Persian lyric and translated it into English. “Morteza”, the song’s title, is a Persian male name.

Kiosk’s stinging political satire is hidden within its blues and folksy sound… Their lyrics are a social commentary on the issues that affect the daily lives of Iranians all over the world” BBC World cited in Kiosk’ facebook page.

It never rains here, but streets are wet/ Optimist cows are lining up in sausage factories, Morteza… Morteza… it won’t rain here Morteza. Only the dead are alive, while the living must die/ The chess champs are condemned to play with chimps/ Morteza… Morteza, it won’t rain here. Read the rest of this entry »

Old Ideas, new album

Old Ideas, new album: A look back at Leonard Cohen’s classic albums

Listen to “Darkness” in Youtube, he is still amazing! The darkness (old Ideas 2012) Note

Musicians in Montreal’s metro

Musicians in Montreal’s metro stations always cheer me up no matter what they play! “You are Everything” stayed with me all day after I listened to their wonderful performance of it.Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye – You Are Everything (1974)

My 100th post

This is my 100th post in four months. and I love commemorations! The experience has been absolutely rewarding and I intend to keep the blog up and running.  This is probably a good time to thank all my friends in Friendfeed who have spent so much time helping me design my blog, figure out the WordPress, read and comment on my posts, and promote it in other forums.  My family has encouraged me in numerous little and big ways to improve this.  And of course it has been an amazing pleasure to receive comments and emails from people I do not even know (I have had only two junk messages out of some 200 – which is quite impressive!).   It feels wonderful to watch the “likes” in my facebook page grow: I thank each and every 76 of you  and do my very best to keep this blog worth visiting once in a while.

This oldie, out of my magic music box is for you: Let it be, The Beatles:


Ceumar, Dindinha

 Ceumar, Dindinha, from her >debut album. 1999. (she released four more the latest one being on 2010). Ceumar’s voice and music is so captivating one does not really need to know what she is saying in order to enjoy it! The translation below does not sound very accurate to me, but it is the only one I was able to find on the net, which gives some sense of the lyric nonetheless. “Divinhe”, by the way, apparently means ‘godmother’ in Portuguese.



Divinha o que primeiro/Vem amor ou vem dindim/Dindinha, dê dinheiro/Carinho e calor pra mim/Minha casa não tem porta /Minha horta não tem fruta /Quem me trata é moura torta Lingua morta quem te escuta/Meu tesouro é uma viola /Que a felicidade oculta/Se a vida não dá receita/Eu não vou pagar a consulta/Sob o céu azul me deito/Me deleito, me desnudo/Coração dentro do peito/Não foi feito pra ter tudo/A mentira é uma princesa Cuja beleza não gasta/E a verdade vive presa/No espelho da madrasta/Eu nasci remediado Criado solto no mundo/Se viver fosse reisado/Se eu me chamasse raimundo/Andorinha no inverno/beijo terno alma boa/Escrevi no meu caderno/não passei a vida à-toa

Beyond the sea

Oonvar e darya“, (beyond Sea) Beautiful music from Kiosk, and a few lines of the lyric

After each cry, there is a silence/Within each silence, there is a poem/Within each poem, each pain, there is a smile.

Heart of each smile is with the tears/And each tear holds another tale/Within each weep, each pain, there is a smile.

At the other side of sea, there is yet another shore, and behind this hill, another hill.

After each tomorrow, behind each redundancy, there is another ….


Concha Buika.  From “El Ultimo Trago” , Lyrics & Music: Álvaro Carrillo

I want moonlight/ for my sad night/ to dream/the divine illusion that you brought me/to feel you are mine/ mine and no other….For since you left/ I haven’t had moonlight. I feel your mourings/ like hooks, like claws/that drown me on a beach/ of torture and pain. And I feel your chains dragging/ in the quiet night,/ with a full moon,/ blue like no other/ Since you left/ I haven’t had moonlight/ For since you left/ I haven’t had moonlight/ If you never return, my provincial girl/ to my beloved jungle/ that is sad and cold/ at least your memory/ will put light over my mist/ for since you left/ I haven’t had moonlight/ since you left I haven’t had (translated into Persian)

Sway makes me happy

This is the sexiest version of “sway” – by pussycat doll 

Translation into Persian