Peach-Yogurt ice cream

Before peach season is over, try this hearty and delicious dessert with fresh peach. I modified the original recipe a bit, and inspired by Iranian ice creams, also added dissolved saffron and silvered pistachio for topping. It turned tasty, pretty and fruity fresh!

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Fereni: A Persian comfort desert

Tastes savory; feels homey; looks dreamy: That’s Fereni: A pudding made of rice flour, milk, sugar and rosewater. This is a desert for all seasons, but a winter delight in particular.

Dried fruit in the making

Here is my new Winter hobby, an amazingly fun and tasty discovery: buying certain types of seasonal fruits, slicing them and drying them with the help of “Fruit Dehydrators”.  You would be surprised how rewarding the result is, as you come up with a mound of inexpensive & healthy delicacy snack.  Before sharing my tips for drying fruits, let’s look at some of the nutritional facts brought up in Globe and Mail article 

“Many people think that dried fruit is loaded with calories because it’s high in sugar. Neither is true. Because drying fruit removes its water content, the portion size shrinks by about three-quarters. If you dehydrate one cup of fresh apricots, you’ll get 1/4 cup of dried apricots. (1/4 cup of dried fruit is considered one food-guide serving of fruit.)

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Dates Halva (Halva Khormaayi)

If you liked my two very region specific desserts for “Halva aardi” and “Ranginac“, I am sure you will LOVE ‘dates halva’! Making this one is a bit more difficult than the other two, but it is indeed in the same category and quite similar in principle and taste.  Here we go then.

Ingredients (for a medium dish shown in the picture below, dividable into 35 bite size: Dates. 1 kg. You would need specific type of dates: any brand with dark brown color, tender skin and firm yet juicy meat on them (not too oozy, but rich in sap). Once you get that part right, half the task is accomplished. Walnuts, 300 gr, chopped. White flour (all-purpose) 1 cup.  Oil, ¾ cup. For dressing: Powdered sugar, 2 tbsp. Cinnamon, 1 tbsp.  You would also need a good amount of patience to slowly fry the flour, as well as the strength to knead the dates. Read the rest of this entry »

Wholesome ideas for Holidays Season: Fruit salad

Fruit salad, with anything you fancy. Contained in this bowl are: Apple, Japanese peach, orange, red grapes, straw berries, pomegranate, kiwi, banana, plus canned peach and pine apple and  whipping cream on the side.

Pear-peach, oven baked

A few days ago I had an irresistible urge for some kind of refreshing, low-sugar, fruit-based dessert, which obviously had to be homemade!

 I could not quite pinpoint what I needed to make or to bake, but ideas from various food blogs and books kept bubbling in my head while I went to the market. This is what I came up with – partly-improvised, cooked pears & peach, with honey and cinnamon. The result was absolutely satisfying to my nagging urge for a healthy dessert!


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Iced cantaloupe & rosewater

For the past couple of days, here in Montreal, we have had a record breaking heat wave, feeling like 40 C with humidex.  The wave brought back the memory of a refreshing iced desert I used to have back home in Shiraz, Iran, called “faloodeh taalebi”. I made iced cantaloupe after so many years and God knows it was all I needed to beat the heat!  See how quick and hassle free it is:

All you need is one plump sweet cantaloupe. Cut it in half and spoon out the seeds. Cut each half in two lengthwise slices, then with the sharp knife cut across the base to separate the hard skin. In a nice bowl, coarsely grate slices, and don’t mind the juice produced in the bowl!  Add one tbsp. rose water (optional). Some people add half tbsp. sugar, especially if the cantaloupe was not sweet enough. I personally prefer the mild and natural sweet and do not add sugar. Mix and place the bowl in freezer for 1 hour (at least), or until it is fairly solid on he top.  Spoon it as you would with ice cream. No cooking, no oven dessert in this heat! This is a perfect cool summer dessert and I have more beat-the-heat suggestions upcoming.


Halva-aardi , a chocolate brown, sweet confection made of white flour, is typically served with dates and tea at most funeral services–passed on a plate with a fork or spoon placed at the side for people to help themselves. It is also served as a dessert—especially after ghalyeh or other types of seafood, and ideally with tea.

Halva is very easy to make in theory but could be tricky in practice. My mother used to make flawless halva each and every time she did it: chocolate brown, noticeably sweet and anghosht-pich (finger-rolled) so that it was just solid enough to roll around a finger without dripping. Ok let’s get to its theory here – right after the Persian text.

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Ranginak, dates and walnuts dessert

This dessert which always goes with tea, is specific to southern cities of Iran. It is very nice after ghalyeh

Ingredients: 1 kg. Pitted (peeled if skin is too thick); 250 gr. Walnuts; 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour; ½ cup powdered sugar; ½ cup ground cinnamon, about 1 cup of vegetable oil

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