AZADI: Songs Of Freedom For Iran

Please watch: The video says it all!

Link to complete album (24 songs):  Free download, and all lyrics with English translation.

Remembering Shiva Nazarahari

Shiva Nazarahar is one of the notable Iranian human rights activists who has been repeatedly harassed and detained by the Islamic Regime of Iran in the wake of the 2009 Post-election upraising.  Currently serving the second year of her four-year sentence (out on bail, but under sever surveillance), Shiva is one among many who has been subject of injustices: Arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment and unfair trial, without ever losing her courage. See here for background.

Today, Shiva turns 28 and a number of bloggers are holding a virtual B-day party for her, to remember and honour this courageous young woman.   Happy Birthday Shiva! You are the pride of this nation!

Growing Protests in Montreal: No longer about tuition fees

Montreal is witnessing “biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history,” according to protest organizers quoted in many local sources of News. [All pictures in this post are taken from the internet (see the text for sources)].

A year and a half ago, the Quebec’s government decided to increase tuition up by 75 percent over five years.  In response to student efforts to negotiate the deal, in February 2012 the government finally revised the increase up to 82 percent over seven years.  The alternative was described an insult by students’ leaders. On February, student groups launched what they expected to be a short strike, but instead it turned to a limitless, open-ended one.  In the coming days and weeks “strike turned into a rolling, day-and-night demonstration, while protesters were surrounded by heavy presence of riot police and met with tear gas, sound grenades and rubber bullets.” Village Voice

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Take it easy; he is just expressing himself!

This week Iranian Shahin Najafi released a rap music called Naghi from where he lives in Europe, causing an uproar within a few hours from Islamist bullies who do not hesitate for a split second to beat up a girl publicly for showing a strand of hair, but feel supersensitive about any form of socio-political criticism especially when it touches their religiosity. The song was also declared blasphemy and apostasy by a few clerics in Iran, which could easily lead to death penalty. The charge, albeit unofficial so far, is absolutely atrocious and ill founded.  That is why some of Iranian bloggers inside and outside the country have staged a campaign in solidarity with Shahin Najafi against any possible threat directed at him by the Islamic regime of Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Roses, Black Market

An Iranian woman looks at the window display of a gift shop in Tehran on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2008. AFP PHOTO/ATTA KENARE (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)Red Roses, Black Market: Five places that aren’t feeling the love this Valentine’s Day. Foreign Policy. By Alessandra N. Ram. February13, 2012.

Good article except the title could have been more accurately chosen to read : “Five places that are forbidden to feel love this valentine’s day!” They are: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Uzbekistan , Belgorod (Russia). [Photo:  “An Iranian woman looks at the window display of a gift shop in Tehran on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2008. ATTA KENARE/ AFP/ Getty Images]

What does the future hold for Iran?

expertsoniranA CNN report: What does the future hold for Iran?

  (Translated into Persian)

War with Iran…

obama_iran_0117War with Iran: A Conflict Obama Hopes to Avoid May Be Imposed on Him. By Tony Karon, Time. Jan 17, 2012 .(Source of photo: same place) 

(Translated to Persian)