Hot outside for everyone: humans, cats and dogs – especially dogs I would say.

Popsicle for us, what about dogs? I have this delicious, clever thing made of Kong and frozen broth – thanks to my dog’s trainer! So easy to make, you just need to give it 7-8 freezing time. Take a KONG (appropriate to your dog’s size). Using a dab of peanut butter or cooked meat, seal the smaller hole, then turn it upside down and place it in a small bowl and fill the KONG with chicken broth. You could throw in bits of treat to make it more exciting for your dog. Place the bowl / KONG in the freezer overnight, or long enough to make the liquid completely hard.

It takes my German Shepherded mix about 45 minutes nibbling and licking at the both ends of the KONG, occasionally throwing it up in the air and smashing it against the floor – all in the hope of having the thing out a bit faster. In the end, he takes the frozen broth all out, without letting a drop of the liquid on the floor! 🙂

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