Shish-tauk sandwich & Lebanese music, Montreal-homemade style!

Shish-tauk, an originally Turkish term and a Lebanese way of marinating and broiling chicken, enjoys much popularity and countless recipes on the internet.

We in Montreal, though, would claim an exclusive right over this dish, as it is prepared in a specific ways by Lebanese chain fast food restaurants, most notably Amir Restaurant.  I have been to Amir and taken out its sandwich and plate shish-tauk dishes often enough to come up with my own recipes for this easy and delicious sandwich!


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Kiosk – “Morteza”

    1. Album: Outcome of Negotiations
    2. Uploaded on Youtube by kioskband on Dec. 2011

Kiosk is one of my favorite Iranian Music bands. This Album/song is not new but I just heard it and like dit a lot, so I transcribed the Persian lyric and translated it into English. “Morteza”, the song’s title, is a Persian male name.

Kiosk’s stinging political satire is hidden within its blues and folksy sound… Their lyrics are a social commentary on the issues that affect the daily lives of Iranians all over the world” BBC World cited in Kiosk’ facebook page.

It never rains here, but streets are wet/ Optimist cows are lining up in sausage factories, Morteza… Morteza… it won’t rain here Morteza. Only the dead are alive, while the living must die/ The chess champs are condemned to play with chimps/ Morteza… Morteza, it won’t rain here. Read the rest of this entry »