Things money cannot buy

This country song says “Only two things money can’t buy, and that’s true love and homegrown tomato” So sweet 🙂 but I would definitely add Iranian basil to the list- the ones grown at home in diaspora!

Summer Solstice

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Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

May the light within you last forever!

No particular reason for choosing this song, except I am in love with it 🙂   Koop – Koop Island Blues

Helping Haitian children to the loving sound of music: A charity concert

About a year and half ago, I became involved with a group of people associated with two churches in our area.  The group had sponsored an Iranian refugee family and undertook to help them settle in Montreal and I was quite accidently involved as a translator. The story around the family and how it got along with the new situation did not turn quite as expected.  But for me personally what came out of that experience was absolutely priceless, as it opened the door of friendship with several incredibly dedicated, kind and caring individuals – the people I would have never even met in my life under any other circumstances.

Last week I got words about one of those two churches, the St. Mary’s Anglican Church, holding its second charity concert to help school children In Haiti. The context of this charity activity is that last year the Primate’s World Relief Development Fund initiated a project with the aim of collecting enough money to provide 3,250 Haitian Children with one daily meal in 15+ schools for one year. Since then, the Youth Group of St. Mary’s Church in Kirkland has been collaborating with Solid Haiti, pledging to support the cause by raising $1500.00 through charity concerts. The concert was to be held at the church on Sunday 22nd. .and tickets were sold at $10.

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Old Ideas, new album

Old Ideas, new album: A look back at Leonard Cohen’s classic albums

Listen to “Darkness” in Youtube, he is still amazing! The darkness (old Ideas 2012) Note

Tribute to Lhasa de Sela

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This weekend, in Montreal, a tributes to the marvellous Lhasa de Sela . The Gazette article about it.

La Route chante: A Tribute to Lhasa de Sela takes place Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at Montreal’s Rialto Theatre, 5723 Parc Ave. The Friday show is sold out. Tickets for the Saturday show are $25 at

Love Came Here 

Yalda, Winter solstice/شب یلدا

On the eve of the winter solstice, Iranians gather to celebrate Yalda and bring this longest night of the year to dawn by reciting Hafez or Sa’di poems, or listening to the stories of a wise grandparent. They do this while eating off-season fruits historically believed to invoke the divinities and secure the protection of the winter crop.

I vividly remember celebrating Yalda nights back home, because I felt so well fed on those nights, not on the spiritual foods of the poetry-reciting elders, but on the watermelon and pomegranates we had gone out of our way to find Needless to say, Yalda is well and alive among Iranians in diaspora as another rope to cling on to the far away home and culture. This song below, called “zemestoon” (winter) is one of my most favourite songs of the 70s; it is about bare gardens and trees and a lonely lover in the winter, accompanied by a beautiful clip of old Tehran in winter. Happy Yalda 2011 everyone!  Note


Nothing and no one has given me as much “unconditional” joy, delight and love as Delbar did – for nine years. She ceased being last year. Yes, gone from our lives, but forever in our hearts .   

KIOSK “YAROM BIA” (Ft, Mohsen Namjoo), by MOSTAFA HERAVI 2009.