Make your own dipping olive oil

Each year, at the end of gardening season,  my vegetable beds and pots leave me with a whole lot of chili peppers,  which I usually string and dry and let dangle from a cabinet’s knob to be used in coming year.

My little garden also leaves with some herbs such as mint and rosemary (which I am too lazy to do anything with!) and with unripe green tomatoes, which I do make some use of, such as this one here, if I find time.

This year I found a marvelous and super tasty solution to using my home grown products at the end of the season: Dipping olive oil.  Making the mix is super easy, and once you try it on your salad and foods you will wonder how on earth you have been living without it thus far!? 😉 You could of course buy all the ingredients, home-grown or not would not make a huge difference in the taste.

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Things money cannot buy

This country song says “Only two things money can’t buy, and that’s true love and homegrown tomato” So sweet 🙂 but I would definitely add Iranian basil to the list- the ones grown at home in diaspora!