Montreal Beer Festival

I am sure you have heard and probably attended some of Montreal’s fabulous summer festivals: Jazz Fest, Just For Laugh, Les FrancoFolies, Gay Parade, etc. But did you know about Montreal’s Beer Festival?

Montreal Beer Fest, held since 1994, from 29 May to 02 June at “Palais de congress”, starts off the summer and its many colorful festivals.  I went to it last weekend (for the first time) and found it quite different and interesting: Not much of “festivity” (i.e. music, dance) surrounds this event; but a LOT of good beers and ciders are there to taste, with a variety of snacks and appetizers: From barbecued sausages, smoked meat sandwich, poutine, to freshly baked breads and cakes and many other treats.  One Kiosk, called “skippy-burger” was selling kangaroo hamburger, (with a stuffed Skippy sitting on its front counter 😦 Who could eat that, I wondered!?

[Click on the first picture to activate the slide show]

Admission was free, but to taste a brew you need to buy coupons, in advance online or on location.  See my pictures of the day below:

2 Comments on “Montreal Beer Festival”

  1. Shahnaz says:

    Happy Birthday to your Blog

    Afsaneh Joon Salam,
    I enjoy your blog a lot. It has been informative and helpful for me. Whenever I need help I just go there and get my answer :smile:. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sceneries you’ve experienced, through nice pictures and films you make :cool:.
    Your blog is so pleasant because all these hard works are done with love and enthusiasm. I am proud of you and wish
    you more success in the beautiful path you’ve chosen. Congatulations :wink:.


    • Booteh says:

      Thank you very much Shahnaz joon,
      As usual you remember things that I do not!
      Thanks also for your kind words and for keeping an eye on my blogs. It means a lot to me. OX 🙂

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