What to do with extra homegrown zucchini

It is said that two zucchini plants produce enough zucchinis for a family of four to eat as much as they can for the entire summer. This year I grew three zucchini plants for the two of us, which meant way too much of it if we were to stick only to our traditional Persian style zucchini stew.

Almost every single morning I checked on my vegetable garden I found a new baby zucchini turned into a huge heavy one almost before my eyes. So, even with all I gave away to family and friends I still had to come up with new creative ways to consume this delicious vegetable. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Dip with Zucchini, white beans and tahini

I found the recipe for this delicious and easy dip in PRAVA organic site and modified it slightly to my taste. You could do the same I am sure as long as you keep the main ingredients in: It is a vegetarian recipe and completely gluten and dairy free.

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Red-lentil stew, vegetarian with tamarind

daalDaal adas is one of the rare meatless Iranian stew (khoresh) and is very popular in South and South-west Iran  (Bushehr, Hormozgan and khuzestan provinces), where food is generally more spicy than other parts of the country. Like any given khoresh or dish, daal adas is prepared in different ways in various households. The way my Bushehri mom used to cook it, often when she was in hurry, is the one I came to like and learn.

Ingredients: (serving 4-5): Red lintel, 2 cups. Onion, 1 medium, thinly sliced. Potato, 1 medium, skinned and cut in four pieces. Garlic cloves (ideally green or fresh) 3-4 cloves, finely minced. Tomato sauce 1/2 tbsp. (or one cup of V8). Tamarind sauce, 3 tbsp (see note and picture below). Turmeric, ½ tbs. Powdered red pepper, 1/4 tbsp. Salt, to the taste. Cooking oil, 5 tbsp. Water, 4 cups, or 3 cups if you are using V8

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