Free fun, fantastic food at Montreal’s ‘Just for Laughs’ Festival

Montreal’s “juste pour rire” Festivals is the “biggest and best comedy festival in the world” and it is one of the summer events among many that gives people all the more reason to get out and enjoy the warm weather: indoor and outdoor free shows, live music, and beer all on enclosed streets packed with wanderers of all ages and colors.

For 2012, which marks the festival’s 30th anniversary, taking place in the Quartier des Spectacles, in downtown Montreal, from July 12 to 29, a food venue is arranged called “souk”, making the event tastier than ever before! Here is my photo report of the souk opening on July 14. Here is a good article about this year “foodie” part of the event. But first, see my report of it:)

Two views from the “souk” – some twenty takeout spots including painted minivans and kiosks offering all you could possibly fancy (see further down)  This foodie venue mind you is for “takeout and walk on” only. Several restaurants with open terraces stretched along Jean Mance Street, offer a bevy of fresh salads, grilled and fried meat and drinks.

Foods included the usual suspects such as hotdogs and hamburgers. Then there was this Tacco with shredded beef with avocado sauce for $6 each, bordering on pricey.  And a plastic bag of hibiscus beverage for $3 which was good. I had never tasted this juice before and it tasted great!

The “deathgrilled” sandwiches were awesome- spicy beef and chicken in pitta bread with shredded onion and lettuce (main pic). The charcoal kiosk smelled heavenly but I did not try it.

When we were not busy eating and had time to look up, there were all kinds of entertainments going on too: face painting, street performances, and live music by two very young men.

Beverage stands, including soft drinks, wine, beer, and hard liquor, as well as pastries were all over and shown in the pictures here;  and there were other goodies not included here such as barbecued corn on the cob, and ice creams.  Overall, a full day indeed! You have till July 28th to taste for yourself if you’re around:)

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