The garlic festival at marché Ste. Anne

Ste. Anne market is the best place to be on Saturdays if you find yourself in West Island, Montreal anytime between 10 am to 2 pm.  The market is located by the Saint Anne-de-Bellevue Canal, where a row of heavenly-smelling restaurants with their balconies open to the St. Laurent River and the passing boats is always filled with visitors even when there is no market to attend.

Anyhow, The summer market started early June and will be going on till the end Oct, with each weak being allocated to one theme – two weeks ago, the market  was named “the wonders of honey”; today, August 18th was “the garlic festival” and next week will be “tomato day” on and so forth.  Being a garlic lover, I attended the market today and spend a good two hours hanging around, smelling fresh garlic, buying some honey and herbal soaps (yes, honey and soaps, because, garlic I produce in my garden, but the latter products I do not – yet!) The weather was gorgeous, the harbor and market crowded, and the food delicious. Here is my photo report:

2 Comments on “The garlic festival at marché Ste. Anne”

  1. Patti Murphy says:

    Thanks for a great photo report. It was also good to see the restaurants getting on board and I love all the garlic shots!

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