Time to bring garden plants indoors

If you live in Montreal or anywhere with “zone 5”, you are probably already preparing for the winter – or at least thinking of it! Well, as sad as it might sound, it is time to bring in some of your garden plants indoors. I hope you did take them out for the summer vacation in the first place!

My Geranium, Shamrock, and Arabian jasmine got a real growth boost during the summer and thrived to much of my delight. To make them survive the winter, I now move them indoor. A couple of steps before doing so: 1. I trim them 2. I make sure they are clean (foliage free), which I learned here and successfully implemented: Just swish the plant upside down in a large bowl of lukewarm water mixed with few drops of dish washing liquid. Once they are indoors, I keep them in a sunny or very bright spot and water them only when their soil goes completely dry. They do not flourish during the summer (I don’t expect them to!) but they do keep alive and look forward to the spring

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