Care for Calirachoa; they are worth it!

Calirachoa is known as “million bells”, because it produces many blooms during the growing season. They are similar to petunia, only more elegant and less aromatic.  I love the million-colored, million bells because they make gorgeous hanging baskets, although they do quite well in garden as well.  This picture, by the way, I took from an open flower market apparently run by two families “Wilson et. files/ Martino et filles”.  They offer a diverse variety of annuals and vegetables with fair price, and friendly service.

Here are a few tips about Calirachoa: 1) Needs full to partial sun, well drained, fertilized pest free soil. 2) Try to keep the soil moist, but it can tolerate drought but not for long (always avoid watering the leaves thereby avoiding cultivating fungus). 3) Pinch off dead leaves and dried blossoms by hand. This keeps the plant healthy looking and nice of course, AND will encourage more blossoms.

As always, please don’t hesitate to share your experience, and Happy Gardening!


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