The Milk Controversy

Where do you stand on the milk controversy? The heated debate over the health benefits/ hazards of  the cow’s milk on humans?

Are you convinced, as Laura Sands (nutritional counselor) is, that dairy products are absolutely harmful to our body due to the bacteria and hormones contained in the animal’s breast milk?

And that the main reason why milk consumption continues to be promoted (particularly in the west) is that the dairy industry pays the global media corporations  to filter and control the information to its own financial benefit? This video could be disturbing, but informative if you’re thinking along these lines.

Maybe you refute all the above arguments and maintain that milk and dairy products are an totally healthy product full of Calcium, vitamin D and protean and that’s why it has been a part of human’s diet since time immemorial in most cultures. This is more or less what this article is saying.

Yet another scenario,  maybe you tend to stand somewhere in between the first and second arguments, reconsidering the so-called “benefits”  of the milk, while not believing in some kind of conspiracy theory. I like that! This article, Debunking The Milk Myth: Why Milk Is Bad For You And  Your Bones”  is a very good example of such stand, and I strongly recommend reading it.  An even more conservative stand, and still critical of dairy products is presented in an article entitledIs milk good for you?”

Now, my own conclusion after having read and watched all these pieces is this: Cow’s milk is not necessary or critical for human being, especially in adults, therefore cutting it off your diet could not do any harm; cutting it off should definitely be experimented if you are suffering any kind of health issue, minor or major, from cancer to chronic headache.  Just so to see!

Let me know what you think!

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