The People’s Potato, ConU

The People’s Potato is a student initiated grassroots project, and a vegan kitchen at Montreal’s Concordia University, Sir George Williams Building.  It serves “free” food to about 400 students daily and relies heavily on volunteers labor and every body’s’ good will.♥

The project was started in 1999 by a group of students dedicated to social and environmental justice and conscious of student poverty. Fifteen years into its inception, the kitchen is now operating during the fall and winter semesters all the day of the week, offering students and community members meals by donation; the project and the food is funded be a levy in (undergrad) student registration fees.

If you are a student, staff or community member living in downtown Montreal, AND you are in need of a free hot soup and green salad, drop by at Chartwells Cafeteria. It takes about an hour of waiting in line though.

And in any case, visit the project’s website and blog to find about all other programs the project is organizing (including summer gardening); and most importantly to learn how you can get involved and contribute to this meaningful and inspiring project.

While doing all that, don’t forget to like them on facebook! ♥ Happy Valentine Day everyone ♥

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