Blood Orange is still in Season

Blood orange is a variety of orange with crimson, almost blood-colored flesh and smaller than average orange, with pigmented, though and hard skin. When completely ripened, they are juicy and sweet and definitely awesome looking in salads, salsas. They are also excellent for garnish in ice cream, in fruit salads and in sweet cocktails. I love having blood orange fresh out of my hand or better still, for treating myself with a glass of its juice to go with my savory sunny side up egg on a wintry and otherwise gray Sunday! One blood orange juice mixed with two regular orange gives a full l glass of orange juice which is still quite blood-colored, as you see in the picture.Blood orange is a winter fruit, more than regular orange is; they could be found usually from January to April – and not necessarily in ALL supermarkets. In Montreal I buy them from Middle Eastern stores  –  at a cost slightly more than average regular oranges. If kept in the fridge, they are good for at least two week. What about the city you live in? Do you find them easily? Do you like them at all?

Meanwhile, check out recipes for  a salad made with Blood orange, Beet and Fennel. as well as one with Blood orange, Arugula,  and Avocado.


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